Dear learners,

We are Tien Phong tutoring center, we have professional Vietnamese tutors – who are patient, hard working and enthusiastic about teaching Vietnamese for foreigners. We are always ready for adult learners, young learners, anyone who love and want to learn our mother language.

You can study at your home. Our tutors will travel to yours. Don’t worry so much about the cost, it’s affordable!

vietnamese tutor

Why you choose our Vietnamese tutors?

Learning Vietnamese fast.

With 1-on-1 tutor method, we believe you can understand and learn Vietnamese fast. The tutors are students or teachers at Universities in Ho Chi Minh City, good at English, Korean, Chinese… All of them got experience in teaching for foreigners and passed our tests. Personal documents is identity.

The tutor team is enthusiastic and knowledgeable.

We can help you achieve your targets with the affordable cost. We have foreigner friends, foreigner teachers, and foreigner learners. All of us got experience in teaching for foreigners.

We give you 2 days for trial lessons. Every lesson lasts 1,5 hours. We do not care about the time, we can spend more time for you. The most important thing is : you can learn and speak Vietnamese. That is not only your target, it is our target as well.

Don’t care about the cost. It’s affordable.


Our center is located in District 7, Ho Chi Minh city. The tutors are in District 1,2,3,4,5,6,… over this city.

After 2-day trial, if you do not satisfy with the tutor, you can request us to change. And it is free for 2 days. If the tutor is good, 2-day trial fee is covered in the month salary.

COST: $15-$22/one lesson (1 hour and 30 minutes per lesson)

Call Us: +84 984022383 (Ms Thoa)

find vietnamese tutor

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6 thoughts on “Find Vietnamese tutor

  1. Neo says:

    Hello. I want to learn vietnamese. I am from south korea but i can speak English. What is the best way for me to improve language skill. Give me some idea please. Cheers

    • Mai thuy hien says:

      I am Vietnamese English teacher. And I am. Korean toi. I have lived in Korea for 8 years so I can speak Korean and English. I was a Vietnamese teacher at Le Monde academy in Seoul last year. Now I live in Hochiminh . Please contact me at+ for further information. Best regard!!

  2. Hamuro Yoritoshi says:

    I would like to lean Vitnamese. Whould you give me more detail?
    I live in Dis 3. I do not speak any vitnamese yet.

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